Olive fields by Noreen

Olive fields by Noreen
Mysterious, primordial world

Monday, 23 October 2017


We have two markets here on every Saturday of the year.  The food market is situated in the center of the town.  On every road leading to the center you will see the large vans belonging to the traders.  They arrive around 9pm on Friday night and start setting up their stalls.  There is a friendly banter between them.  They have worked side by side for many years.  You will often see three generations of the same family working a stall.  Everything is carefully set up to show the produce off to it's best advantage.  They are ready early and greet the new day and their many customers with a friendly greeting and a radiant smile.

The early morning sunlight highlights the vibrant colours of the fruit and vegetables.

This man sits proudly with his homemade jams, fruit and fruit juices, all from his own farm.

This lady is buying "yufka" a very thin sheet of dough which is used to make "gozleme".  I buy this too and make my own gozleme.  it's like a wrap which contains cheese and herbs and you can fry it in olive oil.  It's delicious!

   The heads of lettuce are huge, we eat it every day in salad for   lunch.  The herbs are sold in bunches.


Smartphones have become plentiful here despite being very expensive.  The lady is reporting on her sales so far this morning!

                                                    I'll have this one please!

Aubergines (egg plants) like everything else is sold by the kilo.  There are many ways of cooking these.  They blend well with so many other ingredients to make a delicious dinner.  We eat them at least once a week.

                                      This man is selling bare root roses.

This couple have sat on this slot for as long as I am coming to Turgutreis, since 2004.  They are just outside the post office which is next to the market.

The other market stretches from the main street right back as far as the marina. It is very busy with tourists from May until mid October. This market has clothes, handbags, shoes, household items,  handmade soaps and beauty products, ceramics, ornaments, fancy goods ect.  You can hear the stall holders calling out their prices,  even their children are trained in from a young age.  They learn the art of selling and customer care.

In the middle of  both markets  you can  buy Simit, these are bread rolls covered in sesame seeds. They are delicious with tea!

                             It says everything  5 Turkish lire! 

                                             Only 5 TL. They always have customers!

               T-shirts and handbags are very popular with tourists.

When I told them I would put the photos on the internet,  they said  "take a photo of my stall!"

                               This man was very proud of his shoe display.

                                                   Beautifully scented soaps.

                                                Tablecloths, bedspread and curtains.

Always a bargain to be had at the end of the summer season.  I've bought dresses here over the past few years!

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