Olive fields by Noreen

Olive fields by Noreen
Mysterious, primordial world

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Last day of September.......time flying by

It's the last day of September and I simply don't know where the months has gone!  We have been so busy. 
 Friends of friends had to fly back to England rather suddenly.  Their brother was due to have urgent heart-surgery and a surprise party was planned for him prior to his operation.  They asked  if we would take care of their elderly dog "Molly", their 3 lovely cats and also feed the street cats who come daily for their food.  We were glad to do this,  they live near us and all went well.
They must have been pleased with our care-taking as they have asked us back again to cover their annual trip home next year and suggested we would do well if we started a house-sitting business!  We would maybe consider this at some time in the future maybe in another country if we ever get the time.......

It's also been great to have friends over from Ireland for a taste of summer. We spent leisurely time with them attending summer concerts as well as many afternoons on the beach with our Turkish and English friends. 
 I've been trying out new recipes and forcing my friends to sample them,  there's nothing nicer than tea and cake on the beach!

Last winter we joined a local group Herodotus Academy (H3a).  It is a wonderful organisation of very talented people who give their time freely to run classes and get-together to do various things.  We are in the walking group, and the photography group.  I also joined the art group with h3a as well as a local art group and writing group. This year I have signed up for craft work and also a ceramics course! Together Mr. D and I have signed up for the geology group.  Except for the art group, all the other groups stop for the summer months and will resume again next week. 

We worked at our art until the end of July but it became too hot in our little village venue and we had to stop, we finished off with a lovely night out having dinner at a seaside restaurant, and dancing the night away to some great music.  
I don't know if  I'm being a bit too ambitious,  I like to do so many things and they all take so much time and effort. Mr. D would far prefer to sit at home and watch TV or read a book.   We spend so much time in buses travelling to various places on the peninsula.     I v'e always been a bad traveller.  With the uneven road surfaces, overcrowding on buses and  bad drivers here, travelling can be a nightmare!  I would love to buy a little electric bike.  It would be great for visiting our friends who live in the next village and also it would be so handy for shopping.   Hopefully I will be able to convince Mr.D!
I love to read and during the summer months I gladly allocate my afternoons to this.  Under the shade of our loquat tree,  in the quietness of the afternoon, I pretend I'm on a desert island, I put my feet up and recline with my book and a glass of chilled fruit juice,  I'm in my favourite place.
But one can't stay here all day.  I drag myself from my "o so comfy" recliner and have a swim, then after a shower I reluctantly start dinner.   Soon I will watch the sunset from the roof terrace,  another day ends.  I glance at my long "to do list",  cross off the few items done and add a few more, it's never complete. The day is not long enough but hey that's life,  Tomorrow is an other day!