Olive fields by Noreen

Olive fields by Noreen
Mysterious, primordial world

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

December in western Turkey

There has been a huge drop in temperatures since I last posted.   Indoors as I write it's only 11c while outside it's a mere 10c and set to drop even more over the coming days.  This is really cold for me!
  I know that in America is is far colder now but their houses are insulated and the heat generated stays in and does not escape through the walls as it does here.  I'm wearing 6 layers of clothes!  It's only my nose and hands feel cold.   I try not to switch the electric fire on before 12 midday because we leave it on until 1 or 2 am.  It's a long time and the air dries out.  I tried lighting the fire in the fireplace with dried wood but the chimney is a bad design and smoke filled the room.  The price quoted by a man who could re do the chimney was very expensive and since we will not be in this house permanently,  it would be unwise to invest over 10,000TL on something that would not add to the value of what is just a summer house.  We go for walks every day so we can get fresh air and exercise. We have a Nobo electric heater in the bedroom which we leave on all night.  It doesn't get too warm because you can set the temperature.  For the past two weeks, there has been snow in the east of the country.  I pity those in rural areas having to work outdoors.  Also the animals as they try to keep warm.  Our stray cats are also feeling the cold and one in particular keeps asking to come inside.....................Yes,  you guessed it,  she has been let in!  sssssh!

I'm like my mother,  I have no bearing of the cold.  I well remember how warm she and my father would make our little cottage in the long winter month in Ireland.  As young children she would dress us in layers of clothes and we would be far far too warm in school where the had a very good central heating system.
Hopefully in January this cold Arctic air will move away.   I can work comfortably at a minimum of 16c indoors and for the past 9 months it has gone between 16c and 32c indoors!
We choose to stay here in Turkey this winter,  it maybe cold but the days are long and sunny.  We love the bright sunlight everyday and this really makes up for the cooler temperatures. I decorated a dead tree in the garden and put a set of coloured solar lights on it.

Some days if the wind is not blowing we can sit out in the sun for an hour or so after a walk in the hills.

Our daughter has come over to us for Christmas.  She saved all of her work leave from the last year so she could spend a month with us.  It's wonderful having her here.  We all went out to a restaurant on the beach front for Christmas dinner.  They lit a soba (fire) and we were warm and comfortable as we looked out at the sea.  It was such a treat not having to cook dinner.  There was a great atmosphere with music and friends.  We bought a delicious cake from a local lady who is a great baker.  We have been eating it and chocolate for the past few nights while chilling out with our books. No TV,  it's wonderful!   I wonder where will we spend Christmas next year.............

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