Olive fields by Noreen

Olive fields by Noreen
Mysterious, primordial world

Saturday, 30 September 2017

More on Marbella

Temperatures are back down to the low thirties so this suits us.  On some days there is a nice cool breeze which flows through the villa.  Mr D. is catching up with the latest sport on TV.  He has watched all of the Wimbledon tennis championship, Golf championships and the World athletics. He only sees the highlights when we are in Turkey so this is a real treat.  
 We have seen more of Marbella.  We walk down the hill always keeping to the shaded side of the street.   It's a big city with a vast landscape of tall apartment blocks which stretch all along the coast and back up the hills to the main motorway.    There are shops and restaurants on the ground floors of the apartment blocks.  The locals can be seen sitting and relaxing while eating tapas in the shade cast by striped blinds which cover all the outside eating areas. 

There is a long park which stretches down almost to the coast.  In this park we visited a world famous bonsai museum which is said to be the best collection of Bonsai trees in Europe and the best Olive tree collection in the world. This museum also holds the "Pinsapo" pine tree which is in danger of extinction and a 400 year-old juniper among other wonders of nature. I love this art.  It tells us that even if you do not have a garden, you can have trees!  I once made a bonsai tree from a sycamore sapling and it's still in my garden in Ireland.

Photos of the side streets in the residential areas where the Spanish people live.

Photos of the narrow streets of the old Marbella which is always thronged with tourists.

Photos of the boardwalk area and the beach at Marbella.

We enjoyed our time in Marbella but soon it was time for our house sit to end.  After welcoming our villa owners back from their holiday, we set off again with our small cases to the bus station where we got on the bus to Malaga central bus station. From there we headed east on another bus which an hour later dropped us off at a little seaside town called Benajarfe.

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