Olive fields by Noreen

Olive fields by Noreen
Mysterious, primordial world

Friday, 28 April 2017


We followed the directions given to us by the hotel owner.  "Be sure to go and see our beautiful waterfall just outside the town,  it's just a 15 minute walk through the woods, even children can do it!"  he assures us as we leave the hotel lobby.
 On the outskirts of the town of Köyceğiz, we ask for further directions from a local stall holder who was delighted when we bought some oranges from his well stocked stall.

Soon we were driving on a very rough road which had another road turning left.  We decided to go straight ahead walking on for more than 15 minutes but there was no signposts and no waterfall,  just two small steams which came down from the mountains.  The trees were beautiful.  We saw some beautiful wildlife which kept us busy with our cameras.  We walked on and came to some big stones and rocks.  We did a bit of climbing thinking we were near.  We could see another small stream flowing by.
We were a bit disappointed on not finding the waterfall having managed to climb over some very large boulders on the stream but to no avail.  We turned back.  On our way out we saw a car parked and a young man got out.  I immediately asked him if he knew where  the waterfall was located.  he replied "yes".  Mary's Turkish is much better than mine and he explained to her where it was and that he would take us there.  We had gone in the right direction but it was much further on.  So on we walked,  up a hill over some rough gravel and stones and suddenly we see a make-shift bridge!  It was quite flimsy,  like something from an Indiana Jones movie in which someone falls through and is hanging on with one arm!!  There were a lot of "woooo's and ough!!'s and what on earth is that?

This photo is taken from the opposite side.  We now had to make decisions.  Would we cross it, could we cross it?  Our young man who is called Deniz said "no problem,  I'll help you!"   With my not so perfect eye sight, it looked not too bad to me!   I did not see the missing pieces of timber and the thinner lats on the farther side. 

 Mr. D and Mary are both nervous of heights.  Mr. D said he would wait and take some photos in that area.  I said I wanted to go ahead with the others as the fountain was now only about another 10 minutes away. Deniz went first and guided Mary to the other side.  Isabelle and I followed slowly but carefully.  When I got three quarter way across,  I saw the open spaces underneath my feet and the water flowing below.  I paused for a moment and then jumped over the spaces and quickly got to the other side to the cheers of the others! 
Below is the elusive fountain!   The next surprise was that we had to climb down the side of the rocks to get to the base of it!  We had come this far,   I was definitely going to do this last stage!
Mary decided to stay above while with the help our our guide Deniz Isabelle and I managed slowly but surely to scramble and hold on to bits of branches and rocks as we made our way down. It was not a very big waterfall!  But we had such fun as we made our way to it!


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