Olive fields by Noreen

Olive fields by Noreen
Mysterious, primordial world

Monday, 27 February 2017

Fighting the negitatives by keeping busy

I'm starting to feel better this month.  The household jobs still seem humongous but I am pushing myself and finding time in between doing my open university on-line course.  I've chosen  a "creative writing fiction"  course.  I don't know if it's "my thing" but nothing ventured nothing gained!   They are all run by the Open university in London. It's wonderful to be able to do courses from home.  The time I save not having to travel can be used instead for my studies.

  I managed to make some home-made marmalade.  That's some achievement for me as I hate tedious work like peeling and chopping!   The end result was good,  Mr. D. has gone through half a jar already!

 I managed to do quite a bit of weeding and fed most of the plants in the garden.  I did it over the space of seven days so now it looks good. The cats are great company while I tend to the plants,  Felix shares my kneeler and happily moves along with me as I move my position. 

We are heading for the month of March,  the temperatures are rising here in western Turkey.  it's bright until 7pm!  There are blue skies and bright sunshine with just a scattering of cloud each day now.  The neighbours are busy too.  From my kitchen window I can see them,  a couple in their late 60's  Mehmet and Isil tending their garden.  They are making a new flower border.  This has involved digging out and sifting through the soil to root out weed roots and many stones.  I'm looking forward to seeing the end results.

Last week I started a job which I had been putting off for some time....  painting the bedroom walls!   Armed with my ladder, overalls and paint rollers,  I set to work!  I had to take down the curtains and poles.  Mr. D. helped me with these and we got a few laughs with trying to coordinate moving the very long metal rail from the room without hitting a light or window!  I then had the task of  washing  and ironing the curtains so they would be ready to rehang when I had finished the painting.   Bedroom number one has since been complete and I've started on bedroom No. 2.  I'm off now to finish that!  


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