Olive fields by Noreen

Olive fields by Noreen
Mysterious, primordial world

Monday, 4 January 2016

A new year, the same me and the same back!

It's the start of yet another new year.  When I lived in Ireland I really hated the months of January and February.  The days were so dull, wet and cold. I couldn't plan to do much outside in these two months and had to contend with being indoors all the time whether it was at work or on my days off,  life had to be lived indoors. A bright sunny day was the exception rather than the rule.  In anticipation of summer, I was wishing my life away. 

 Now that I'm living in western Turkey,  I take a different view of things.  I can do most of what I want to do right now!  I've already mentioned that I'm doing a ceramics course.  I can look forward to getting up early and walking in the morning sunshine for 10 minutes before I start my class at the local cultural center. There is so much to learn.  It's all new to me and I'm having a wonderful time absorbing all the knowledge and techniques involved in working with clay. My teacher is wonderful! She is a very beautiful and creative person always full of life.  She is in much demand throughout the day helping students with their work.  There are some very experienced students who are very helpful and will stop what they are doing to help me when the need arises.   I'm having to learn with my eyes rather than my ears.  Turkish is spoken by everyone and I miss out on a lot of the instructions but this does not deter me.  I can see what she is telling us by looking at what she is doing with the clay.  It is also good for my learning of Turkish, I understand some and am picking up little bits here and there. Watching the advanced students at work with red and white clay,  I have learned so much already.  I've learned that even the best and most carefully done pieces will crack and split in the drying process!  but I've also learned that all of this can be corrected.  My very first project was a breakfast tray with a lid.  This is now drying on a shelf.  I've had great fun on my second and easier project which is a tortoise,  he is also drying.  My next project is a crazy teapot. I've done 6 sketches so far but have not decided as yet which one I'll do.  Curves and handles could cause problems?

Before I know it,  it's lunchtime.  I take a leisurely walk home.  My route takes me past my local beach where the view never fails to take my breath away.  For a few moments, I pause, gaze and soak up the atmosphere. 
After a delicious lunch prepared by Mr. D,  we relax on the roof terrace.
I feel lazy now..... a morning of crouching over a table has left my back stinging.  I've had back problems for a very long time.   I promise myself I will do some exercise in the near future.  The recliner feels good.  I stretch out,  I am free, I am relaxed.
Mr. D. tells me about his morning and listens while I tell him about mine. Then I start to doze, I could sleep now,  I'd like another hour of chilling......   But No, I can't do that!  I have made a commitment and will follow it through.  I drag myself from my comfy slumber and I head back, put on my navy overall and again I'm absorbed in the world of clay.  What's new challenge will it be this afternoon? what new things will I learn.  I am happy in anticipation.....

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